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Lamb! Quick Paleo Dinner for 2

10 oz organic pastured lamb, cubed smaller than 1 in.
1 T Fat for cooking (lard, bacon fat, butter)
1 zucchini
1 portobello mushroom
small container organic Greek yogurt (full-fat and plain; extra points for raw milk based)
Garlic powder
Celtic salt

Main Deal: Heat oil in a big old cast iron pan and add lamb, zucchini and mushrooms. Cook on medium, stirring, until the lamb is close to done (I go rare, but do what you feel) . Add tons of garlic powder, salt and pepper. Deglaze the pan with a splash of water.

Ersatz Tzatziki:
While this is cooking, put the thick yogurt in a bowl: Add garlic, salt and dill. A LOT of each – taste. If it doesn’t taste awesome (maybe too sweet) add more garlic and salt!

Voila! Diner on the table in 15-20 minutes if you cook frenetically like me 🙂

Tonight I served this with a side salad (spinach, raw blue cheese, tomatoes, dill, avocado, lemon and EVOO!)


My paleo pregnancy

I’d been trying to lose my 20lbs of “dissertation baby weight” and get pregnant for about a year when I went paleo. The first results were amazing:perfect digestion, energy and no bloating. I even had the easiest PMS-free period of my life. I lost 5 pounds eating all I wanted and what I wanted. Within 6 weeks, I was finally pregnant!!!!!!

In this blog, I’ll chronicle my attempts to have a great paleo pregnancy – food, exercise and radically natural birth. Who knows, maybe I’ll even cover paleo breastfeeding and postpartum weight loss!!!!!

First, my well-laid plans – really a continuation of how I’ve already been eating, moving and living…

(of course, I’m open to modifying if need be as things roll along)


Lots of low-mercury wild fish (sardines, trout, flounder, etc.)
Lots of 100% grass fed organic beef and lamb
Pastured organic eggs and chicken
Occasional bits of raw milk cheese and organic heavy cream
Coconut oil and coconut milk
Tons of organic greens (I love Swiss chard, spinach, beet greens and kale)
Many great organic veggies (cauliflower, squashes, carrots, Brussels spouts, rutabagas, turnips, etc.)
Tons of salads with carrots, tomatoes, lemon juice, evoo, avocados etc.
Organic liver pates
Seeds, nuts, berries

Moving and Grooving

this is definitely where I’ll need the most research. I want to get the best workouts possible for me AND little baby “Pebbles” or “Bam-Bam”. I don’t want to default to walking or gentle yoga yet, but I’ve gotten a lot of conflicting advice.

For now, I’m going to get a heart rate monitor and do a lame careful version of the P90X I’ve been so into for the past month. This means lighter weights, more breaks, keeping the my heart rate lower (under 140 til I do enough research) and sometimes quitting at 30 or 45 mins. Since its feb, overheating isnt a problem for me …yet. Sometimes, if I’m zonked, I might just go for a walk instead of doing a card day. Instead of going for the gold, I’ll be happy with showing up to do something.

I don’t want my caution to become laziness :). Was it Shakespeare who said “work on thy abs while the sun is shining, time it is a fleeting”?

More soon cave girl mommas!