This week in food

Its been SUPER HOT this week (here in NY and in many parts of the US), so – other than breakfast – we’ve been eating cold or grilling!

In heavy rotation this week

Breakfast every day:

Raw milk and pastured eggs (delivered by and pastured pork bacon (

Lunch – garden-sourced salads (lettuce is over for awhile, so we’re using lots of swiss chard and collard green as a base) or roll ups (in collard green leaves) with meat, raw cheese, homemade lacto-fermented pickles, avocado etc.

We love this recipe – its been a 2x week hit.

Other meals: muscles in tomato/wine/basil over zucchini “pasta”, hamburgers… nothing too fancy


One response to “This week in food

  1. hi, found your paleo blog on a random google search, looking for other women who are eating similar to myself during pregnancy. Hope all is well and that you’re having a great summer

    cheers! And feel free to visit my blog at

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