Prodigal Paleo

Hello everyone,

I’m back!!!!!!!!! But I was humbled by the first trimester of pregnancy. My best laid plans for a perfect paleo diet and hardcore exercise program were no match for the twin furies of the first trimester: nausea and exhaustion.

Confession #1 – I fell off the Paleo wagon by week 7 or 8!!! Suddenly many of my staple primal foods seemed disgusting to me – particularly cod liver oil!!! And the carbs I’d sworn off almost a year before seemed so perfectly wonderful in my queasy fantasy life. So my slide into craptopia started with “a little” this or that starchy/carby/shitty white foods to get through nausea (gluten-free crackers or white rice) and then I became comfortable eating crappy foods (especially on the run at work). And everyone who was paleo-negative loved plying (willing) me with the foods I’d usually refused. I still ate maybe 75% Paleo, but man that carb/sugar-treadmill (hungry all the time for JUNK) kicked in from the 25 %. I started re-developing the kinds of crummy health symptoms that had originally pushed me in the paleo direction.

Take away lesson for me: Prepare for it. If there were going to be a next First Trimester (which I doubt), I’d let myself eat more sweet potatoes and fruit, but stay far far away from non-paleo shit food. I really think the intensity of my cravings and nausea would have been avoided had I been more vigilant about which foods I re-introduced back into my diet.

But I’m back on the good foot for two weeks – back to fantastic health and feeling groovy!!!

Confession #2 P90X was not sustainable for me – After 10-12 hours out of the house at work (and commuting), I was too tired to move when I got home. My exercise regime went from pretty serious one (weights, intervals) to a far more mellow version (long walks, a little yoga) and become less frequent (from 6x week to 2x). Short of quitting my job to salvage time and energy to work out, this was really an unavoidable compromise for me.

However, now that I have more energy again (if not time), I’ve been upping the ante with intense hiking (up to 120-140 bpm) and 90 minute yoga sessions. I can’t believe how much weaker/stiffer/huffier I am, but I know I’ll be back in fighting shape asap 🙂

Other cool things

I’ve been reading a lot of great blogs and books to get motivated to switch back to Paleo like The Paleo Baby and The Primal Parent

Talk soon.


6 responses to “Prodigal Paleo

  1. I’m glad you are feeling groovy once again!I’m looking forward to reading more of your updates, too!

  2. I’m glad you are feeling groovy once again! Looking forward to reading more of your posts, too!

  3. I was starting to wonder if you gave up on your experiment 🙂 great to see you are back.
    It seems like a lot of paleo women have trouble sticking to paleo food on first trimester, I read somewhere that one explanation could be that during this delicate time the body is wary of foods which are the most “likely” to be contaminated by dangerous bacteria -ie meat – and turns towards “safer”foods: starch and veggies. Dunno if that makes any sense but I know that if I am lucky enough to get pregnant in the coming months I won’t fight too hard against those cravings, I will just try to stick to the most natural/less junk type (fruit, rice, sweet or even not sweet potatoes) and to get back to paleo as soon as the cravings/nausea quiet down….It’s weird how hard it ease to follow the common advice “listen to your body”, how to differentiate between a good craving that indicate a particular need (dark chocolate = lack of magnesium??) and just a bad addiction …

    • Anais,

      Meat is not an unsafe food. Your body does not know it needs to protect you from the bacteria contamination which is so recent in human history. Bacteria contamination in meats is a recent problem due to feedlots and processing. All throughout human evolution meat was as safe as anything in the world you could eat. A body could not “evolve” to recognize the dangers in feedlot and processed meats within a century.

      Rather, what is happening with your cravings and nausea is quite possibly your sudden increase in vegetables since you’re trying to “be healthier” and your almost inevitable brainwashing (because we all are) to avoid saturated fats and eat a ton of comfort foods while pregnant. Pregnant women can become very sensitive to chemicals. Vegetables and many fruits contain natural toxins which a pregnant body may have difficulty eliminating. Pregnant women also experience a surge of hormones in the first trimester which contributes to the desire for junky foods. The best way to avoid cravings and nausea is to eat foods low in chemicals, balance gut flora to improve absorption of nutrients, and eat meat. This is often a lot easier said than done, however.

  4. Just found your blog, so nice to see someone else struggled with full paleo in their first trimester! 🙂
    I am 20 weeks this week and I’m STILL struggling, I try my best to keep everything paleo but I have this insane sweet tooth at the moment which is really unusual for me and sometimes the urge is just too strong 😦
    But I figure as long as I can do the right thing 80% of the time it’s still pretty good.

    Hear you about the non-paleo people helping you slide down the slippery slope, it’s very sad that people take such pride in seeing you ‘fall off the wagon’ rather than encourage and support you. But stay strong, you still have the moral high-ground 🙂

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