Preggo Presses Play!

I missed a few P90X workouts last week. Understandable, sure. Finding out you’re pregnant and worrying about how to exercise can knock a few days out of wack. I substituted a few workouts with long walks, but those were half-measures compared to what I’ve been doing.

There were reasons (there always are): Some of it was exhaustion, some of it was unavoidable family crisis (my husbands grandfather is in the hospital). Mostly, though, I’ve been “excusing” myself.

What I don’t want to do, though, is to lose the momentum I’ve built over weeks of serious commitment. The bottom line is that I feel great and, other than the 140bpm heart rate, have no limits. In a few months, it will be another story, but for now…its time to BRING IT 🙂 So – I’ll do the hard 90 minute ashtanga-like Yoga X today, then get back on track for week 6 tomorrow.

As my helmet-haired and fearless p90x leader, Tony Horton, would advise, I must KEEP PRESSING PLAY!!!

One response to “Preggo Presses Play!

  1. or not. Took a rugged (and very hilly) fast walk with my husband yesterday and had my heart rate hit 140 bpms. I guess that’s cardio enough.

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