Like most pregnant women, I am becoming totally obsessed with myself.  The smallest physiological change seems like big news.  Do I spend hours discussing Egypt? Lybia?

naaahh….I just want to mention my first cravings!!!

1) Pizza Sauce

2) Lamb Shank on the Bone

So far, nothing interesting or exotic. I was afraid I would, after years of pretty healthy living, crave some abomination of a frankenfood like Ding Dongs or Munchos.

What is odd is how POWERFULLY I craved these foods.  It reminded me of a decade ago when I still smoked. If I ran out of cigarettes all I could think about would be getting more.

Yesterday, I could not stop obsessing about lamb.  I daydramed about it, almost blew off an important work project to drive to the store (its 22 min away) to buy pastured lamb shanks, talked about it with my friend (who thought I was crazy because she didn’t know about my pregnancy) and badgered my husband who finally took me out to a  restaurant for a big Greek salad lunch with a side of gyro meat.

Some people think cravings evolved to let us know what vitamin/macronutrient/mineral we needed.  It might be true, unless you crave CheezWiz!   (There’s no way a pregnant woman’s body needs the laundry list of food additives and chemicals in most packaged foods – you can’t convince me), but maybe with a kooky craving there’s still a message (I need salt, more calories, etc).

Maybe one day I’ll try to come up with an exchange list…i.e If you’re craving KFC, eat oven roasted skin on chicken (prepared at home) with REAL (Celtc) salt!!! All the fat, salt and protein you crave without the chemical shitstorm, hormones and antibiotics.


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