Heartrate Monitor – Check!

Just bought a cheapo (well, at $60 not THAT cheapo) HR monitor to use when working out!

Still searching out feedback. Some say, if you were doing it before, its fine at the beginning. Others warn that the heart rate should be kept below 140. I’ll play it by ear during my workout tonight.

Since I got tired much easier during my workouts right before I found out, 140 might be just right anyway!!!!

One response to “Heartrate Monitor – Check!

  1. Update: Easy to stay under 140 doing a weight and abs routine (for P90X followers – this was day 31 “Back and Biceps”….). Especially since I’ve been giving 80% energy instead of 100% from the moment I found out!

    Cardio (and more importantly Interval type workous like Kempo X) will be another story. I may have to be more careful.

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